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From a very young age, drawing rough sketches of image sequences (which he would later find out they are called "storyboards"), Gustavo Bernal-Mancheno became enthralled with the world of visual storytelling. Constantly moving between Ecuador and the Midwest of the U.S. he acquired a world perspective that has nurtured his appreciation for human stories and the power of filmmaking to convey them. He taught himself editing as a teenager (on an old, dying PC), and from then on he pursued his goals to study directing, editing, and later on, color grading.

He has 10+ years experience as an AE, editor, for films (narrative & doc), TV series and commercials, and 6+ years as a colorist & online. His passion for his craft has taken him to Chicago, Ecuador, Mexico City, and now Toronto, where he wishes to continue to grow professionally and collaborate with other like-minded artists.

If this brief bio was insufficient, lukewarm, or you simply want to know more, feel free to drop me a line in that box below ;) 

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2023 - Vladimir Kabelik Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking - Beyond the Wheel

2023 - AutoMoto Film Festival Official Selection - Beyond the Wheel

2023 - CBC Broadcast licensing deal - Every Sunset

2018 - Washington D.C. S.A Film Festival Official Selection - Silhouettes

2018 - Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati Best Screenplay Award - Silhouettes

2017 - Montreal World Film Festival Official Selection - Silhouettes

2018-14 - Two-time finalist ICCA Screenwriting Competition - Páramo and Soledad

2011 - Kodak Sponsorship Award - Luzia

2011 - LA Script and Film Festival Honorable Mention- Luzia

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